Running Down a Dream

When you live next to Yellowstone and you own huskies and your kids own huskies and your friends and even your neighbors own huskies, naturally you do what huskies like to do..

We bought a little bluetooth speaker to take with us when we’re out mushing and we’ve been having fun putting together a playlist of “running” songs that fit the dog sledding theme.

So far we have:

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty

Running With the Devil by Van Halen

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden

Run Through the Jungle by CCR


Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf

Okay so we’re giving our age away here, but you get the idea.

Having huskies is a bit like raising wolves, especially when they know there’s homemade soup on the stove. They will stalk you like prey until you finally share your leftovers. Because to serve them first helpings just emboldens them, and you definitely don’t want to do that.

No, it’s important to let them know who is alpha around here and it definitely isn’t always them. Once in awhile we let them think they’re the boss, but at the end of the day when they’re squeezing us into that tiny corner of the bed and sharing that tiny bit of blanket they graciously allow us to have, they know who the real king of the castle is.