Our boy Coco

Each of our dogs is special to us and have a unique story, and Coco is no different.

That’s him on the right there, next to Juno. They are our wheel dogs and what a happy boy he is both on and off the line.

We happened to be driving past the local animal shelter a couple years ago, on our way to take a load of stuff to the landfill and there he was, prancing along on a leash back and forth while one of the shelter volunteers walked him.

It was a Monday, but it was also a holiday and they were closed for the day. Of course that didn’t stop them from letting us in when we pulled up into the parking lot with our giant “MUSH” sticker on the back window of the truck.

We immediately fell in love with him. They explained that Coco was about five years old and he was a master escape artist that had been in and out of jail so many times that they were well acquainted with his owners. She joked that they had their number on speed dial. When we explained that our family collectively have a sled dog team and one of us always has room for one more, they contacted his owners and got the okay to relinquish him to our custody forever.

Here’s the picture they took as we headed out the door with him.

That first day or two with the pack was a bit rough, mostly on our stud, Draco, since Coco wasn’t fixed yet and one of the girls was just going into heat. Of course ALL the girls fell in love with big, handsome Coco right away, which made Draco more than a bit unhappy.

He didn’t even want to look into those big, blue eyes at all.

Even after we had him neutered, Draco never forgot what an impression Coco made on his girls and is still a bit jealous of him now but they’re pretty good friends anyway.

Coco is a huge hit at the local sled dog races and loves being mobbed by the kids…

We feel the same way about this handsome fellow. He’s a pretty special boy.