Our girl Juno

Not long after we got our first two huskies, Draco and Lola (who I’ll be writing about in the near future), we added Juno to our growing pack.

We adopted her as a puppy from a breeder in Boise and from the minute we brought her home, we knew that she was a perfect fit.

Not only did she keep Draco and Lolo on their toes, but us, too.

She was our first blue eyed pup and we just fell in love with her (of course!). And, lucky for us, she turned out to be a great sled dog, too!

Well, sometimes…

She loves sledding but she can be very stubborn when she wants to be.

She’s three years old now and has had a couple of litters for us, which is how we got Odie, Tonka and Sassy in our pack. I’ll write about each of them as well as everyone else in upcoming posts and then put them all together under the menu label “The Pack” so you can click over and meet everyone there.

Until then, happy mushing!