Iditarod 2021

We’ve been keeping up with the Iditarod sled dog race this past week and today is day 8 which means they are in the final stretch. One of our favorite mushers, Dallas Seavey, is back for the first time in a few years and he is currently in first place.

He’s uploading videos every day on his YouTube channel and they are great to watch. He is such a pro.

Dallas has 10 dogs left and just got to the Skwentna checkpoint so he’s about 70 miles from the finish line (woohoo!) and has a good chance of winning his fifth (!) championship. That will put him in a tie with Rick Swenson, the only other musher who has won 5 Iditarod races in his career.

We are so happy to see Dallas back in this race after what he went through a couple of years ago when he was accused and then cleared of drugging his dogs. We’re definitely huge fans and whether he wins this time or not, we feel that he is a top notch musher just like his dad.

Good luck, Dallas!!